Department of food and drugs

  The Department of Food and Drugs is responsible to ensure that, the food and drug products and their raw materials imported to Zanzibar and those produced within Zanzibar for either internal use or export are in acceptable standards for consumption.


  • To evaluate and identify quality and safety of products such as food, drugs, cosmetics, soaps, toothpaste, honey, tea, coffee, infant milk and baby-based weaning foods for consumption by people.
  • To conduct research activities.

Food division;

  • Food Section shall be responsible for the examination of food samples for deterioration as appropriate to
  • The complaint case, the analysis will be done based on the quality of food produced or manufactured, sold and imported to Zanzibar.

Drugs division;

  • The CGCLA Drugs Section is charged with the analysis of pharmaceutical products which are prepared by pharmaceutical manufactory and products imported to Zanzibar by any means to check on the compliance with specifications.
  • In addition to that, the section is also responsible to ensure the safety of herbal medicine products produced locally for human use.


  • To carry out analysis of pharmaceuticals and herbal medicine.
  • To carry out safety and quality monitoring of herbal medicines on sale to the public and determination of pesticide residues and heavy metals/toxic element.

To offer advisory services in quality of pharmaceutical products for individuals, institutions and companies, and scientific advice to institutions and society.

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