Department of forensic.

    Forensic department plays a vital role in criminal justice system as it provides scientific information through analysis of physical evidence.


  • To conduct scientific examination, analysis, evaluation and interpretation of physical objects and materials (forensic samples).
  • To provide  evidence in a legally admissible form  to the law enforcements
  • To conduct and encouragement of research to expand forensic science services.
  • To provide educational programs and materials to stakeholders.
  • To provide scientific advice and consultancy
  • The department is divided into three divisions as described below.
  • Forensic chemistry division dealing with the analysis of controlled substance explosives and explosions.

Toxicology division, detecting and analyzing drugs and poisons in biological samples and materials collected as evidence.

Forensic biology division: carrying out and coordinate DNA testing.

Forensic Chemistry Laboratory will perform the following activities:-

  • Determination and confirmation the amount and type of illicit drug(s) submitted to the Laboratory for analysis of seized materials as exhibit such as cannabis, khat, heroin, cocaine, and e.t.c.
  • Analyse powders, tablets and capsules to determine the presence or absence of drugs abuse for criminal cases;
  • Analyze liquids and liquid formulations to determine the presence or absence of drugs abuse for criminal cases;
  • Analyse food stuffs to determine the presence or absence of drugs of abuse for criminal cases;
  • Analyse biological specimens such as urine, and blood in order to determine the presence or absence of drugs abuse for criminal and non-criminal cases;
  • Quantify the confirmed drug(s) for criminal and non-criminal cases;
  • Provide expert witness before the court of law;
  • Carry out research activities related to Forensic Chemistry;
  • Carry out analysis on any matter of national or public interest related to Forensic Chemistry;
  • Develop, validate verify and review laboratory methods;
  • Prepare, implement and review of Standard Operating Procedures in a lab.
  • Carry out disposal procedures of biological specimens and forensic Chemistry laboratory wastes.
  • Periodical participation in Proficient testing to facilitate accreditation of laboratory methods;
  • Provide advisory services on any matter related to Forensic Chemistry.

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